Botox vs Sphincterotomy

Botox is commonly suggested as an early stage treatment for anal fissure. However, based on experiences of patients who went for Botox, their problem and pain usually comes back after a while.

Below is a comparison for Botox vs Sphincterotomy.

Botox Sphincterotomy
Uses Botulinum Toxin A Uses surgical operation and requires local or general anaesthesia
Treatment takes up to 3 months Same day admission and discharge. Operation takes 20 to 30 minutes
Success rate are 50% with 50% requiring treatment again Very effective with 90-95% success rate
Few side-effects Incontinence observed in 5% of the patients
Cost $400

Botox remains a reasonable method to treatment for anal fissure. However, sphincterotomy is considered the best treatment that will cure anal fissure once and for all. Whether you should go for botox or sphincterotomy depends on which treatment your are more comfortable with and of course, advise from your doctor or CRS.

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