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Do you have real sphincterotomy recovery experience to share? What are the medication or supplements that helped you in the recovery process? Feel free to share them here for the benefits of others.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi

    First of all, thank you for such an informative site. I learnt a lot about treatment for anal fissure here, although I am not looking to go for sphincterotomy yet.

    I do suffer from mild fissure, for about 2 years now. No pain really, just occasional one or two drops bleeding. And yes, the feeling of passing glass is there but again, no real pain (maybe some discomfort). Who knows, six months or a year down the road, I might resort to sphincterotomy.

    Right now, I am trying high fiber diet with plenty of greens and fruits to help the fissure heal by itself. After 2 weeks of intense care, the condition seems improved with only one or two times bleeding. I am considering to go on Miralax to help with complete healing.

    I would also like to share that anal fissure is avoidable. What you need to do is to drink enough water, eat your greens and avoid having a long streak of eating only meat or fast foods. Regular fiber intake such as oats, baked beans and banana is really essential. I’ve been advising my family and friends to take care of food nutrition. No one should need to have fear of going to toilet. Prevention is really better than cure.

    Finally, for those who are going for sphincterotomy, I think it is a good solution to fissure. Good luck!

  2. I had a sphincterotomy yesterday morning. After being in sometimes overwhelming pain caused by my anal fissure, I was referred to a surgeon. He said that surgery was my best option. So, two weeks later, there I was in the hospital having same day surgery.

    When I woke up from surgery, I was already crying. They told me they had given me Morphine and Dilaudid. I felt like I needed to have a bowel movement right away so a nurse put a bed pan under me. Of course, there was nothing happening. I had tears running down my face and they gave me another dose of Dilaudid. When I got no relief from all of the pain meds they’d given me, they took me back to my room. They said once I ate some pudding, I could take some Percocet for pain. Hours had passed since I had gone in for surgery and my pain was barely under control when they sent me home.

    Since yesterday around noon, I have had the sensation of having a football stuck up inside me. The constant urge to push, extreme pressure on my tailbone and the sharp spikey pains that jolt up through my colon have not been below a pain level of 6 (1-10) since I got home. The average pain I’ve felt has been an 8. Last night I slept in one hour increments. Every time I woke up, I had to sit on the toilet sitz bath, then try to have a bowel movement, then back on the sitz bath. I felt cold and sore all over the entire night and into today.
    It’s almost time for bed again. I still feel as if a football is wedged inside of me with intense painful pressure on my tailbone. I’ve had four successful bowel movements since yesterday’s surgery which is a good thing. The actual bowel movements did not hurt me at all like the doctor and nurses had warned, which was a very welcomed surprise. But the constant feeling of needing to go is making it very hard to tell when I should try to push. The surgeon gave me a prescription earlier today for a stronger pain medication but it hasn’t helped at all. I only feel tired and groggy, but no pain relief. I can only hope tomorrow is better!

  3. Mike B. Magbaleta

    Just had a sphincterotomy two days ago. I actually suffered for over two months with internal/external hemorrhoids and an anal fissure. Before my surgery, there were two types of ointments I used, in addition to hydrocortisone suppositories and lidocaine cream.

    When I showed up for the procedure, I spoke to the surgeon, nurses and anesthesiologist to get more information about what to expect and also about aftercare. I woke up in the recovery room, without any pain in that area, but as time went on, I had to lay down on my side because the pressure was returning to the anal area. They gave me fentanyl to curb the pain, and it worked.

    I went home and did not take a sitz bath until the next morning, when I took off the dressings. No bleeding occurred. I did have a bowel movement before I took the sitz bath, which was way less painful than the “passing broken glass” feeling before surgery. I only had to take one vicodin pill that entire day, because I did have a high fever, but it went away the next morning. No infection was present.

    Today, I had another bowel movement, which was a tiny bit painful, but the sitz bath afterwards soothed it. Right now, I’m still getting bed rest and though there is a small splitting feeling where the surgery site is, the pain is nothing to worry about. I just have to be careful to take lots of psyllium powder in order to provide fiber and soften stools. Drinking lots of water also does the trick.

    All in all, if there is a last resort, this surgery will definitely help you!

  4. I had a lateral sphincterotomy 4 months ago. It took a while to heal but it was a success and I feel like I have been restored to a normal life again.
    HISTORY: I had an anal fissure for about two years. Sometimes it went away for a while, but it always came back, causing pain and bleeding on defecation, and making it uncomfortable to do everyday things like working in the yard or even walking long distances. I felt disabled! I maintained a high-fiber diet, with metamucil and lots of water, used diltiazem as prescribed by my colo-rectal specialist for months on end, but it was impossible to NEVER have a firm bowel movement, and whenever I did, the fissure opened up again, making me semi-disabled for weeks on end.
    SURGERY: The operation was not too painful for me. I never used the painkillers that I took home from the surgery. Even my first BM was painless. But things felt tender and bruised down there for over a week.
    RECOVERY: After 4 weeks, when my specialist examined me and declared me “all healed up” I still felt like I had a sensitive unhealed wound down there. But over the next three months that feeling gradually faded, and the fissure was no longer a problem. I still use metamucil and drink lots of water. I still have firm BMs from time to time, and sometimes it hurts a little, but there is never any bleeding and things always go back to normal in a few days. I can now walk long distances and do yard work etc without giving a thought to the fissure. I feel liberated.
    SIDE-EFFECTS: Hardly any change in bowel function. Sometimes I find it harder to control flatulence. But passing a BM actually feels easier than before. Certainly no incontinence. The outer sphincter is still fully operational.
    SUMMARY: I accept that the fissure arose from long-term changes in my body (according to the doctor, it is gradually increasing tightness in the inner sphincter, restricting blood supply that’s needed for fissure to heal). So it would not be fixed by diet or other palliative treatments. I’m glad I had the surgery. In the long run, it has restored me to a fully functional life.

  5. I just had a sphincterotomy 2 days ago. I had suffered with hemorrhoids for several years and a fissure for a few months. But I have been in severe pain for the past 3 weeks. Totally affecting my whole life. I had to miss work and didn’t want to do anything but take pain pills and lay down when I was home. This was not working as I have a husband a two sons to take care of. I was really embarrassed about going to the doc but glad I did. I felt better the day after but a little more sore today. It is still less pain than before. I have notice a huge improvement in being able to have bowel movements and pass gas. I think it is going to take a while to heal but hopefully will be better soon.

    • Hemorrhoids follow no pattern. They can clear up on their own, get worse, bleed, itch, and when advanced interfer with the quality of your life. Warm weather, standing on hard floors can really make them throb. Seems that you are on the right track for the small itchy ones. If they become bothersome find a Proctologist, they band them. That causes some pain for a day, but the hemorroids clear up completely. I went to three Md.s before being refered to a proctologist. What a blessing to be pain and itch free. Hope yours stay manageable, but do not be embarrased to seek treatment if not.

  6. I had my sphincterotomy last Friday. Woke up feeling no pain because they had used a numbing med. Saturday I took the Oxycodone all day every 4 hours, still no pain. Woke up Sunday with zero pain and haven’t taken anything since. Finally had a b/m on Tuesday morning which was virtually pain free, just a little burning from the fissure but nothing compared to the pain prior to the surgery. I am amazed how well I feel and not to have felt any after pain. Everything stills feels a little tender and wouldn’t want to hike up Everest any time soon, but don’t be scared as it’s not as bad as you think it may be. Don’t forget to take all the laxatives they recommend!

  7. I had a this op a few months ago after suffering for 8 YEARS with this painful condition. I had tried goodness knows how many creams and medication. Finally and thankfully, I was referred for the op and I can say it has changed my life. The op was straight forward, although I was given a general anaesthetic which suited me to be honest. Afterwards I wasn’t in a great deal of pain at all, I think because it was such a relief from the terrible pain I had been in for years. After a few days I was out and about completely normal again and been better for it since!

  8. I had a sphincterotomy and a hemmoroid removed 11 days ago on an outpatient basis. Once the anesthesia wore off on day one I have been in a great deal of pain. I was given percocet and that helps. At about day 7 it’s still in a lot of pain but mostly after movements. I am doing all the post care as prescribed, sitzbaths, Metamucil , lots of fruits and vegetables, the the pain still persists. I look forward to a return to normalcy, but have not healed as fast as I had hoped, although the doctor said everyone responds differently, I never expected this much debilitating pain.

  9. I had the operation a week ago and am still in severe pain when passing a motion. Unlike other sufferers, I didn’t really get much pain when going to the bathroom so the ‘passing glass’ pain I’ve had since the operation is a little disappointing. I am currently in the middle of a take home exam so with all the pain it has been rather challenging but hopefully it will get better in the next week.

  10. Hi to all of u with anal fissures, surgery is the only cure. I got mine a week ago after 1 and half years of cruel pain. My bm is getting better with each passing day. Observe your diet with or without a fissure.

  11. I have had this fissure for years. About 1.5-2 years ago i had surgery but frankly, seems to have been hit and miss. I am good for a while then it cracks open. And you know how that feels. I am fairly confident that the antidepressants that I have been on for years are largely responsible but I will never get off those. I take two doses of restolax a day and tons of water.
    I was in emergency last night and the doc said I might have to have more surgery but I will use a different surgeon if that happens.

  12. I have just entered my third week post-op, please tell me the debilitating pain is normal and will soon cease….???

  13. Wow,Im so sorry to hear people have so much pain after the Sphincterotomy.I guess im lucky,ive have maybe 10 seconds of pain and its been 4 days.I have been taking pain killers but i dont feel i need them.I suffered from the Fissure for 14 months of pure torture and had bleeding since 2008.One thing that i found helped was a half a wet wipe(huggies all natural)rolled into a tube shape and placed as a compress against the area.This worked most of the time and often forgot it was there.Good luck and God bless!

  14. I had a sphincterotomy 11 days ago, along with a bowel resection. I had an anal fissure for 4 months and although there was some discomfort after the operation, that was mainly to do with the resection and trivial compared to the agony I’d endured before with the fissure. I haven’t experienced any pain from the fissure since the sphincterotomy; I’m still nervous every time I have a BM, but so far so good and each day brings more confidence.

  15. I had the surgery six days ago. I have not much appetite, but yesterday did eat too much and today experienced the painful tightening of the anal muscles after each bm. I only needed seven pain pills, and did not like the grogginess. I am taking at least 4-5 hot soaks a day and using the shower massage right on the area for cleaning. that helps more than anything. I look forward to not being so preoccupied with my butt! Still unsure what to eat, with no appetite. I have bought benefiber packets to increase fiber. Good luck to all. I had the fissure and a horrible skin tag for six weeks prior to the surgery.

  16. I forgot to mention, I did try the lidocaine gel prior to surgery, also taking miralax and dulculax now, and am putting big globs of coconut oil into my bath water, as it soothes my skin. I bought a case of baby wipes for cosco, and I tuck it right there after a movement and before I shower myself off. They have been very non-irritating.

  17. I had my surgery 6 days ago and am amazed by what a difference it has made.
    My fissure resulted from constipation brought on by pain killers and anesthesia for a recent hysterectomy. The fissure went from acute to chronic quite quickly. I had no idea what was happening to me and how I could possibly endure the excruciating pain that had now become a constant issue. My doctor started with conservative measures for about two weeks. I placed a call letting him know I was getting worse so we scheduled the surgery for a week out. The process was very quick. I was under local, not general, and only needed the pain killers for that first day and night home. I followed the instructions the discharge nurse gave me religiously:
    Metamucil every morning
    -200 mg ducosate sodium
    -Baths daily and sitz baths after every BM
    -Ice the area up for 4 times a day
    -drink plenty of fluids
    -Eat a diet rich in fiber (fruits/veggies/beans etc etc)
    -take 400-600 mgs of ibuprofen WITH two extra strength Tylenol to minimize the pain. She explained that the combo of both pain killers was like magic when taken simultaneously.

    Needless to say, I had a BM two days later and did not have pain. I am already back to work and looking forward to getting back into my exercise routine.

    If you are contemplating getting this surgery, do your research and ask around. I can honestly say that it has changed my life.

  18. I am scheduled for the fissure surgery on Tuesday and must say I am quite nervous. I have been suffering with this fissure for the last 8 weeks and as you all know the passing broken glass feeling is horrendous to say the least. The pain persists for hours after a bowel movement and subsides later in the day, although still quite uncomfortable. On one hand Tuesday can’t come fast enough and on the other hand the fear of the unknown after the surgery is a bit unnerving. This site has been very informative and most of the comments have been encouraging.

  19. I am experience terrible pain from my anal fissure and it feels like spasms in my back passage. I am ok until I have a bm then for the rest of the day I am in agony. I have tried painkillers, creams and ointments. I am losing sleep with the pain too. I not sure what a sitz bath is? I am very wary of having the operation as I have heard one of the side effects is faecal incontinence which terrifies me but I am finding it harder to cope with the pain

  20. I had surgery 11 days ago, I had internal / external hemroids and anal fissure off and on for 9 months. I decided to have surgery to be done, because I feel like I’m being controlled by my butt issue. Surgery was easy peasy. Woke up from best nap ever with no pain at all. Had some discomfort later that night, but nothing major. Pooped in the sitz bath for first couple days which was more comfortable. I am having regular BM now (regular not normal). After a BM I get in shower and use shower head to clean anal area. I’m still way too sore to wipe. I take Colace a.m and p.m . I am having some inflammation and what looks like white puss on anal. Which I will have Dr. check out soon. I do have some leakage which I HATE…. I wear panty liners back there. I’m hoping with time the muscle will tighten up and won’t have that. I am happy I did surgery but I really wish I was over this butt stuff completely.

  21. Pain-in-my-ass

    I am suffering from the severe case of anal fissure since seven consecutive years, year by year by damn year my anus became too narrow to poo it might be stricture formed around the anal ring due to hundereds of cuts in the anal wall so it got very tight, narrow and hard to expel the feaces. Now my suffering is worse than before because now I am suffering from Anal Stenosis Anal Fissure Senentile Pile. Totally my anus got blocked. Im totally depending on Plain water Enemas. I am so much tensed, I am still not pretty much made up my mind to have a SURGERY!!!

  22. I had a fissure for about 2 years, tried all home remedies on earth and would get some relief every few weeks. But it wasn’t permanent and the pain during bowel movements, despite stool softener and fiber was there 80% of the time. Sometimes there was also burning that started an hour after a BM. It would last half the day. So while my suffering was not extreme, it was ongoing and time consuming, and provided for a constant level of anxiety every morning.
    I HAD LIS 4 days ago. My CRS only numbed me up locally, so I was in and out of there within an hour. I had some pain that day which I could control with one ibuprofen plus one norco. When I woke up the next day I was completely pain free. Also all bowel movements since have been completely pain free.
    However, there are some complications. Since this was local anesthetic only the doc must have poked my behind in many places. I only felt the first two needles, but I guess my hemorrhoids took notice. I did not have hemorrhoid problems before, but now one side of my anus the hemorrhoids are swollen and rock hard. Never seen something like this before. Of course this is uncomfortable and I hope that will reduce! I am also having an urge to go to the bathroom several times a day, whenever I eat something, and in between. Each evacuation seems incomplete though. It’s not painful, but a bit frustrating and puts pressure on those swollen hemorrhoids.
    Hopefully that’s all just temporary. In any case, I am glad I went for LIS!

  23. The cost of LIS in Bangladesh under the best colorectal surgeon here is $1600 (inclusive of hospital bills, medicine and surgery).

    I had a colonic polypectomy in 2004 followed by LIS in 2016 under the same colorectal surgeon; in fact, he’s the best in town and internationally well-known.

    I had been suffering from acute turned chronic anal fissure since 2005 and had no choice but to go for the surgery at the end.

    I found that during my acute turned chronic anal fissures, the product Hemoclin helped a lot, which is not readily accessible in Bangladesh.

    If only I had access to Hemoclin, then perhaps today I may have not needed the LIS.

    Nevertheless, I am glad I got the LIS done because if I hadn’t, then the chronic anal fissures, without access to Hemoclin, would have kept on coming back with or without the high fever.

    I also have a long history of constipation despite changing my diet to high fiber in 2010; the constipation was the main culprit in causing the anal fissures to return every time.

    To those who are confused whether to go for the surgery, my only advice, make sure it’s done under a colorectal surgeon and not general.

    Also, you need to properly verify the past credentials of your colorectal surgeon before you make this decision.


  24. Had LIS done last week. BEST THING I EVER DID! I have no idea why I waited so long. Pain wasn’t so bad that over-the-counter meds didn’t take care of. Minimal bleeding. Will definitely take a stool softener and fiber daily from now on. I never want to hurt like that in that area again!

  25. I am scheduled to have my Sphincterotomy/Hemmorhoidectomy tomorrow at 8:45 AM. I am very nervous and have been researching this surgery for a long time. I have an anal fissure on my right side, I have a huge hemmorhoid on the left, and one on the back (brought on by poor diet and constipation). The constant excruciating pain during and after a bowel movement is so repetitive and I am finally doing something about it. I have been suffering with this fissure for years and I am only 20 years old. It’s a very emotional thing for me and when my doctor recommended the surgery, it brought me to tears. I have been waiting for this moment for so long and can’t wait to feel better. This issue has really taken up so much of my time and energy. Wish me luck!

    • Hey Natalie, good luck! You’ll do alright. Please come back and update us on your surgery experience and recovery progress.

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